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Founded in 2012, Workinplace was created to enable other companies to enhance their results thru providing Human Resources services that focus on the acquisition and development of the best talent available in the market, and the correct application of people related processes that entail an important investment of resources for its fulfillment. Either companies already stablished or companies in a process of expanding their operations in Mexico, we are committed to provide a world class delivery of each of the services.


Our commitment is to provide within a reasonable time frame the right Talent that possesses the required capabilities to properly perform once they join the team of each of our clients. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Talent Acquisition Services provides the Talent that you need when you need it. We may offer our recruitment services on a one time basis or a full outsourcing of the process or an Implant in your premises fully dedicated to your operation.

The success of a Talent Acquisition process is the proper briefing that details the expectation a Company has of the individual, the cultural fit and the exiting job experience offer that each of our clients can offer. A consultant will always be close to you to understand the specific needs.

Basis of the debrief and conversation with our clients we target the right audience to make sure that the process is agile, effective and efficient.

The way a Recruitment process was done in the past is not enough in today´s world. Now we are talking about a war for talent and being innovative and diversifying the search sources to find the right pool of candidates is the key to a successful Talent Acquisition process. In Workinplace we know how to do it.

For finding the right candidate we still use a face to face interview. Apart from finding the right competencies in the candidates we also look for motivators that could be a strong sign of success of on individual in an organization.

A successful Talent Acquisition process does not end when you have found the right candidate, it ends until the candidate starts in the new role. In Workinplace we accompany our clients during the job offer and hiring of the final candidate.


Predicting future success of an individual is key for your organization. Whether you want to hire or promote an individual, define a developmental plan for a key player in your organization or simply improve the performance of your team, the assessments provide you with more data points to make the best decisions.
Assessments can be divided into a multirater evaluation where people provide feedback to the individual about the behaviors, and the self assessments, which portrait the personality and the preferences of an individual.
Another important tool that Workinplace provides is the background check, which is an effective tool to understand and know more about an individual´s past performance, behaviors and work-life past experiences.

360 Evaluation

A multirater evaluation that provides feedback of the individual based on the perspective of peers, manager, team members and direct reports. Online tool that only takes a few minutes to answer. Results are easy to read.


This is a self assessment that measures the integrity of a person. The evaluation allows to identify the likelihood of a person breaking the rules or be non compliant. The result is obtained within minutes after the candidate completes the evaluation.

Individual Personality Test

Self assessment that portraits the personality of a person. This online tool allows our customers to identify the profile of a candidate and the match versus certain role. The tests are tailor made basis of the specific needs of a Company.

Background Check

This is a deep investigation of an individuals past performance, reference and truthfulness of the information shared by a candidate or employee. Is a robust tool to help know best who a Company is looking into.

The success of your company depends on the success of your team members. We have the solution you need to develop and improve the performance of an individual or enhance your team effectiveness. Given that fact that no individual is the same, we provide tailor made products.

Executive Coaching

We focus ourselves in helping you develop you top talented individuals so they can deliver the results that improve your bottom line. Certified coaches will support your process and accompany your employee until change or success is acquired.


We align our team building activities to match your organizational culture and to make sure that your team objectives are achieved in an effective way. A solid, well embedded organizational culture will make the difference versus your competitors.


Paying people right is the highest priority for any organization and Payroll is a process that nobody notices until something goes wrong. Payroll has legal, fiscal and labor implications in case it is not performed in an appropriate way. Workinplace has the expertise you need to be compliant with your payroll.
Our Pay rolling service takes away from our clients a resource and time consuming process that does not add value to their daily operation, but that if poorly performed, becomes an expensive and tedious liability. We adjust our operation to our client´s criteria, philosophy, and requirements, not leaving aside any consultation or recommendation that we may offer to provide the best experience for our clients and their employees.


We evaluate your current payroll operations and make recommendations to have a compliant, seamless process. We define the means and the calendar for every payment and concept that you have.


We process the payroll in updated software and hardware so the deadlines are always accomplished and we back up the information so you will fill safe about who takes care of your data.


We review that everything is in place, we provide our clients with all the right files and in the right format to perform the payment and information to the employees, to the authorities and all the paperwork that could eventually be required.

We provide realtime service

We know how delicate the payroll process is and its many exceptions and variables. Any extraordinary request, we, in Workinplace, will be there for you.

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